Wills and Probate – It is important to think about what will happen after you or a loved one dies. This can be a difficult thought, and we might like to put it off for as long as possible.

However, the fact is that the more organized and clear we are in our last desires in life, the less painful it will be if an illness or accident happens suddenly.

At Ronnie Solicitor, our Wills and Probate solicitors provide expert legal advice on all issues related to making a will and estate administration, including:


Litigation (contesting a will)


Ronnie Solicitor is one of the UK’s leading firms and provides professional service to customers. Our Wills and Probate Solicitors have expert experience drawing up wills, international wills, family law, property law, and inheritance tax.

Drawing up an administering or a will in an estate can be a highly emotional experience. Ronnie Solicitor offers clear and focused advice to customers at what is often stressful, when financial matters may be the last thing on a customer’s mind.

Ronnie Solicitor also has enough skills in advising on international wills and wills, including extended families, estranged families, or competed for wills.

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors will advise you under British law– or we can also advise on Islamic wills and inheritance matters.

Our specialist solicitors will manage the distribution and administration of the estate. And will relieve customers from the stress of worrying about their loved one’s wishes at what is already a distressing time.


Obtaining a grant of probate


If you require specialist will drafting assistance, need help with the administration of a will, inheritance tax planning advice, or need advice on a contested will.

Ronnie Solicitor will lead you through the options and ensure that your family’s future will be secure and your wishes come true.

Our expert Wills and Probate Solicitors can advise you the following:

Ronnie Solicitor Wills and Probate solicitors offer fixed fees for these services – at a reasonable -price.

If you want expert legal advice, please call Ronnie Solicitor Wills and Probate solicitors on 020 8965 6360.

Get Professional advice From Ronnie Solicitor to give you peace of mind

Whether you want advice on wills, inheritance tax, trusts, or help with the administration of a property after someone has passed away.

Do You want a solicitor who will guide you during the process with sensitivity and in a cleared, jargon-free way?

At Ronnie Solicitor, we aim to fully understand your circumstances and give you professional advice so you can be confident that your wishes and needs will be taken care of, whatever the future brings.

Why is a will necessary?

Regardless of how much money or assets you have, it is very important to make a will so that you can decide how your properties should be distributed after you die. Our expert wills and probate solicitors will help you formalize and detail this and give you expert advice.

Planning now for the future

At Ronnie Solicitor, our expert Wills and Probate Solicitors help families and individuals who wish planning now for their future. We always help our customers manage their affairs by supporting them in drawing up instructions on how assets and wealth should be divided in the future and who should control their estate if they lose capacity or become incapacitated.

How our solicitors can help

We are entitled to the highest standards of legal representation and advice for our customers, and our solicitors will operate within a range of customer obligations. At the same time, our successful relationship with the customer requires cooperation from both sides. There are different things we can do to help our customers.

Wills advice

Our wills and probate solicitor’s expert team at Ronnie Solicitor appreciate that your individual matters are just as valuable as the technical issues. At the same time, it comes to personal wealth plans, trusts, tax, and succession. Our experts will take time to understand your family situation, specific circumstances, financial arrangements, and business.

Probate advice

The death of a loved one’s close family member or best friend puts you under emotional stress. Dealing with the legal, administrative responsibilities and tax is usually the last thing on your mind and can be a daunting task. To add to this, you may be unfamiliar with what to do and with special terms such as Estate Administration and Probate.

Our professional solicitors can help you deal with these kinds of responsibilities. If you need advice on what actions to take in dealing with the estate of a loved one or you want someone to carry out all the relevant services on your side – our Ronnie Solicitor expert team is always here to help you.

Why do I need a Will solicitor to prepare my will?

This is vital to get legal advice from an expert wills’ solicitor, as writing can be a better idea. However, our staff of will writing specialists will make the process as honest as possible for you.


Why do I need a Will solicitor to prepare my will?


We will help spot any mistakes that may cause difficulties further down the line, but most importantly, we can support and guide you through the process. It is easier to address potential problems now rather than after your death which may affect the worth of your estate.

What makes a will invalid?

Do you want to ensure your will is valid? Or do you suspect that a will of a loved one who is died is invalid? Our expert solicitors are here to assist you if you are left with an invalid will.

Reasons for an invalid will


Reasons for an invalid will


If you think that your will or of one who passed away is invalid, there are different ways to proceed:

Our Wills and Probate Solicitors can give you professional assistance and expert advice if you deal with a will, you think is invalid. Contact our Wills and Probate Solicitors for further information.

What is probate?

Probate is simply the process of applying for permission to administer a will when someone has died. We will manage this process for you and keep you notified each step of the way.


Why Do We Need to Make a Will?

It is estimated the two-thirds of the UK population did not make a will. Unfortunately, our Wills and Probate Solicitors see many examples of what can go wrong while someone dies without the right will.

If there is no will, the prescribed rules apply to who will inherit, in what proportion, and when. This will be able to lead to a variety of problems through stressful times, including:

  1. If you have kids, your spouse may inherit only a portion of your property.
  2. Your partner will not inherit at all; if you are unmarried,
  3. The kids from your first marriage may lose some of their intended inheritance; if you are in a second marriage,
  4. Your estate may transfer to family members that you do not want to inherit.

There are some benefits of making a will, including:

10 reasons for making a will

Writing a will is essential because it lets you control how your estate is divided, and your estate may be distributed if you do not have one, according to the law of intestacy. Have a look at the reasons why to make a will.


10 reasons for making a will


Your will may not just cover how your property is shared amongst your family, but it also defines other arrangements, such as the custody of your children. It is a complicated topic to think about, but whether you have a family or are pregnant, you will want to ensure your kids are cared for in the situation of your death. Our expert solicitors can handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and give you expert legal guidance on writing this part of the will.

The base of this intestacy law is a traditional perception of family. Also, if you have spent about 25 years with your partner, if you are in a civil partnership or unmarried, if you share the estate according to intestacy law, they will be left with nothing. You can care with a will for your partner while you die.

Your stepchildren and foster children will not be considered beneficiaries by intestacy law if they are not adopted. We would like you to choose who should benefit from your property and strongly advise you to make a will as quickly as possible.

A will can also define arrangements like who will be able to live in your home. Your children or partner may be forced to leave their home without the will because someone else is entitled to part of it. Also, your loved ones may not be able to pay out them.

If you are too ill to communicate, your will can also cover your final wish regarding medical therapy. It is called a living will. Respect your wish, your living will should be written really very carefully, and we highly recommend you seek consultation from our legal expert.

This intestacy law is sharing out the estate between various beneficiaries according to a fixed set of rules. This is how someone you even do not know can profit from your property.

It is also possible to look after your pet if you want to. In your will, you can make plans for your pet. You can appoint a guardian for your pet in a similar way as you may appoint a guardian for your minor kids. It is much better to discuss with your proposed guardian to make sure they will be willing to take on the role. You may want to leave a part of your property in a simple trust to be used to care for your pet and select trustees to manage the fund.

The value of your estate is not only based on Inheritance tax but the one you leave it to. The property is automatically exempt from inheritance tax which that you leave to your spouse. Property left to your kids or grandkids can generate a lower inheritance tax bill due to the additional threshold available under the residence nil rate band.

If you have a property in your name and care for the people who live there, you can give them a right to reside or leave part of the property.

Unfortunately, sharing out property usually causes disputes within families or other beneficiaries. Writing a will is usually an excellent way to avoid disputes. With a coherent will, we will professionally draft and properly document, and you can share your property without causing any disputes.

Usually, many people want to support a charity with part or all of their property. Maybe you benefited from the charity and wished to return something, or perhaps you strongly support their cause.

You are entitled to give your property to whomever you like.

To ensure your selected charity will benefit from your property, you will have to list them as beneficiaries in your will and define what share they will be getting.


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