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Family law is a kind of practical legal area which is focused on issues that are related to family relationships and issues. These items in family law are varied and according to the type of issue, the legal lawyers and family solicitors should make them comfortable.

This may be a question for many of us what is family law, particularly, if we are working in legal areas. So, there is a specific article and information about it. Let’s get closer.

What is family law?

Family law is typically a kind of practical legal area and involves many family relationships and its different issues such as:

  • Marriage
  • Adoption
  • Divorce
  • Child custody
  • And more

These areas of legal issues have completely happened among the families and the family lawyers also are responsible to resolve these problems. The attorneys are practicing family law in the courtroom and protect the client’s rights in this place. The family court proceedings also related to the negotiations which a family lawyer should do it as well.

All of the family law and its areas are focusing on life aspects, so, these issues are known as a family issue resolution and specialize the attorneys in these cases which include:

  • Adoption
  • Petition
  • Emancipation
  • And other matters

Lawyers in this field should help all kinds of people facing kinds of sensitive issues that many people do not immediately assume.


What is family law? 


The reasons for hiring a family lawyer

As it said, the area of family law is too much wide and due to the type of issues, it should be resolved and become flattened by the lawyer. The common reasons for family law issues and hiring a lawyer are including:


Each partner in this issue has a lawyer and it’s aimed to help devise a settlement plan to avoid a trial. The divorce attorneys are specialized and skilled in different things such as dividing marital property, calculating spousal support, and proposing a plan for child custody, visitation, and support.

Child custody/support

The courtroom will order settlement agreements involved in both custody supporting in the larger divorce cases. The conditions can change in revisit in this position and the lawyer should handle them as well.


In most cases, the paternity is filled by the mother to ensure the child support payment and make it secure from an absent father. Sometimes the biological fathers file paternity to make the relationship with their child. Paternity determines in DNA testing.

Adoption / foster care

This is a complex process that differs due to the type of adoption and some factors such as child forming, variances in state law, and others. This is the time that you should consult with a family law after understanding what is family law.

The foster parents sometimes adopt their foster children but the foster process does not require legal representation.

By reviewing the descriptions, this is clear that a family lawyer is responsible as a defense solicitor too. So, the defense services solicitor in London sometimes can consult on family issues too.

The marriage and divorce laws are varied due to the state!

All the states have the right to determine reasonable formal requirements for marriage and divorce. Age and legal capacity are the main examples of this part. Inside that, the rules and proceedings of divorce are also other family law matters.

Generally, marriage and divorce are two main areas of family law and over 90% of these issues relate to these matters. The other areas of family law are related to these two matters somehow.

Timeframe of getting a divorce is depending on the location and states that have divorce laws require a waiting period.

Same-sex marriage has been known as a state matter historically and according to the states, court rulings legalizing has been restricted same-sex marriage.


The marriage and divorce laws are varied due to the state!


Do you need a solicitor?

If you need a solicitor in London in the field of family law, Ronnie solicitor can help you. Our institution is focusing on the best and most high-graded family matters for the clients to resolve their issues.

This is a legal procedure to resolve a family issue, also, family issues are a complex matter, so, get in touch with a solicitor in the UK to get deeper data about your issue and ways of adapting.

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