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A specialist in medical negligence is a person who has obtained an APIL Senior Litigator degree and who has demonstrated further competence in the specialist field of medical negligence. A specialist in medical negligence can manage clinical negligence cases to establish, assert and enforce, effectively and efficiently, the rights of a client damaged or disadvantaged by clinical negligence. A specialist in medical negligence is competent to take, without supervision, key decisions on accepting cases, evaluating offers, and issuing proceedings.
Anyone who wants to apply to be a specialist in medical negligence should read the guidance notes on assessment. The Legal Aid Agency now recognizes APIL Accredited specialist in medical negligence who has been assessed by an APIL approved assessor external to your firm. To apply for Specialist accreditation you have to be accredited individually at the level of Senior Litigator or above.
The Association of a specialist in medical negligence has been fighting for the rights of injured people for over 30 years. A not-for-profit campaign organization, APIL’s members of a specialist in medical are dedicated the protection and enhancement to access to justice, developing the services provided for victims of malpractice, and campaigning to change the law where it’s appropriate. In years APIL has grown to be the leading, most respected organization in this field, working to advance and develop expertise in the practice of personal injury law constantly.

Why do we choose a medical specialist?

Medical negligence is a highly complicated area of law. It needs medical as same as legal knowledge, and empathy with the feelings and needs of people who have been harmed by medical negligence. Many claimants are badly let down by lawyers who take on clinical negligence cases they are not able to handle. Specialist solicitors are much more likely to precisely boost the chances of success in your medical claim and give appropriate advice on how to carry on. There is a well-established ‘panel’ (or approved lists) of solicitors who have been assessed and accredited as specialists in clinical negligence: by, among others, the Legal Aid Agency, NHS Resolution in medical negligence solicitor in London, and the NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership.
Some solicitors claim to be admitted or accredited by an organization the Law Society or imply that experience in personal injury claims qualifies them to act in negligence cases. You should be wary of these claims as dis is no guarantee that they are specialists in medical negligence.
We need solicitors to show high levels of customer care and empathy as well as knowledge of other ways to resolve clinical disputes, such as mediation; complaints


Why do we choose a medical specialist?


Will a specialist in medical negligence cost more than a lawyer?

You might be worried that a solicitor will cost you a lot more money than one who is not as well-experienced. However, if you are successful in your medical claim, most of your costs will be paid by the other side. Some of your amend will be subtracted to contribute to your bills but this is the normal way in which ‘No Win, No Fee Agreements’ works. Additionally, by using a medical solicitor, you boost your chances of successfully recovering compensation anyway. If you are profitable in your claim then, a ‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreement means there will be no fee to pay, but in rare situations.

Working with charities

We have had a policy of working with like-minded people and organizations in our campaigns on behalf of injured people. Some of our most rewarding work has included liaison with the charities that look after people trying to rebuild their lives after injury. These features work hard, to great effect and with very limited resources, to convince the Government and parliamentarians that injured people deserve proper access to justice to help remake their own lives, and it is a privilege to work with them.


Working with charities


How can I find a solicitor to meet my individual needs?

If you are researching solicitors yourself, check if they are accredited by Look for the ronniesolicitor . You can also contact the free advice and information service of our medical negligence solicitor in London, which will refer you to a specialist in medical negligence if appropriate. Contact our helpline or complete our new client form. We receive no money for referrals we make.

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