Medical negligence is also called clinical negligence, where health professionals fail in their duty to take care of you. It covers any improper, accidental, or substandard care provided by medical professionals that could cause the patient injury or worsen the current condition.

It is usually due to wrong action or failure in action. There are some reasons that medical negligence can happen, such as incorrect treatment, misdiagnosis, or surgical mistakes. In any treatment scenario, the patient should be well-being.

The primary concern of healthcare providers and tests, treatments, and advice should all be provided with appropriate quality. Suppose there is an injury, infection, or illness. In that case, a solicitor will need to determine if it results from a doctor or other healthcare practitioner violating their patient care duties, so Ronnie Solicitor is here.

Those who experience this situation are legally entitled to claim compensation, which in many cases includes rehabilitation support, loss of earnings, and future care needs. At Ronnie Solicitor, we have a dedicated team of medical negligence solicitors to help you with your claims.


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If the patient is unwell to make a claim or has passed away, their family may claim on their behalf. Contact our professional and caring solicitor to discuss your claim, which will usually be funded on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis.

What is medical negligence compensation?

Medical negligence is paid to compensate for your suffering, past and future pain, financial loss, and loss of recreational enjoyment. Compensation for medical negligence consists of two separate elements – suffering and pain and financial losses.

To determine the exact amount of compensation for your injury, your medical negligence solicitor will get a report from an independent medical specialist. The specialist will review your medical record and the witness statement prepared by your  solicitor and will probably examine you before preparing their report. This report will describe injuries caused by medical negligence, how injuries affect you, and their effects on your future.

How long do I have to claim medical negligence compensation?

Usually, if you are injured due to medical negligence, you have three years from the date of the negligence within which to pursue a claim for personal injury. Still, as with most things, there are exceptions, if you were under 18 years old when you suffered negligent medical treatment, then you have three years from your 18th birthday within which to make a claim.

Suppose this claim is about a patient who cannot handle his affairs due to a mental disability. In that case, the 3-year period does not apply until (and until) he recovers from his disability. In both cases, the parents or someone close to them can claim on their behalf.



How long do I have to claim medical negligence compensation?


If you have more queries or want more information, please contact Ronnie Solicitor medical negligence claim experts as quickly as possible after the incident – don’t forget to get in touch with our solicitors. So, although you have 3-years to make a claim compensation, it is wise to put the wheels in motion sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

How to Make a Medical Negligence Compensation Claim?

The first and important step to make a medical negligence claim is to contact Ronnie Solicitor as soon as possible. We will give a free primary consultation.

If we think you have medical negligence claim, we will tell you how much compensation you might claim? The early contact with us allows us to get started on your claim while the details are still fresh in your mind.

If your healthcare provider takes responsibility sooner, we may get you interim compensation payments to help with your rehabilitation. Interim payments are made before your final settlement and can help with some of the day-to-day living and emergency medical expenses you may be facing.

What proof we will need to establish a medical negligence Claim?

To prove a compensation, claim, you must prove both the breach of duty and the cause.

Breach of duty

You have to prove that the treating physician failed to do something or did something that no other reasonably qualified practitioner has done or failed to do. It is also called responsibility.


You must prove that the negligence on the part of your doctor has caused an injury that you would not otherwise have suffered. In other words, you would not be harmed if your doctor provided the correct standard of care.


What proof we will need to establish a medical negligence Claim?


You must prove your claim, and you will need evidence to prove your medical negligence claim.  solicitor will recommend obtaining reports from independent medical experts specializing in medicine in relation to your treatment and injury and litigation process. Without supporting expert evidence, you will not be able to pursue your claim.

To learn more about violations and proving liability violations, contact our Medical Negligence Solicitor.

How Long Do Medical Negligence Claims Take?

The medical negligence case to settle deepens on several things – the most important will be the complexity and severity of your injury, and whether the private or NHS healthcare provider responsible accepts fault. While we aim to settle down claim within a few months, and more complicated cases may take a few years to settle.

Can I Make a ‘No Win, No Fee Medical Negligence Claim?

Mostly we make medical negligence compensation claims on a ‘no win, no fee basis. It means you do not need to pay anything upfront and will only pay when your claim is successful.

If you succeed in your claim, your opponent will pay most of your legal fees, and your compensation award will pay the rest. Our solicitor will keep you fully updated throughout your claim to know how much compensation you are receiving.

Who will pay the compensation?

Who you are claiming against who pays, it is never the individual nor institution? There is always the other side’s insurance company that pays the compensation settlement, In a successful medical negligence claim. The ‘NHS’ has its specialist insurer called the ‘NHS’ Resolution.

All NHS Trusts pay an annual premium that will cover medical negligence pay-outs. This way, you can be sure a medical negligence settlement will never take money away from front-line care.

Similarly, with a private healthcare medical negligence claim, the other side’s insurer pays. It will not be the specific medical professional or, in some situations, the private hospital. It ensures the other side is never presented with a bill that they cannot afford to pay.

Can I claim on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can. A person can be a child under the age of 18 or an adult who, for any reason, lacks psychological or physical ability to make a claim themselves. If you claim medical negligence on behalf of someone else, you are called a ‘litigation friend.


Can I claim on behalf of someone else?


It means that you work with a solicitor and make all necessary decisions that protect the claimant’s best interests. Litigation friends are usually parents, family members, guardians, trusted friends, or appropriate officials. It is a responsible position, and if you find yourself fulfilling this role, your solicitor will inform you of all the details.

For more information about Ronnie Solicitor’s services, get in touch with us on 00000000000 and talk to one of our team members if you want to talk.

How can I find the best firm for medical negligence claim near me?

Ronnie Solicitor has a well-trained and knowledgeable team of medical negligence solicitors. They all have over 40 of experience in this role. Talk to them about your experience in your way.

Ronnie Solicitor will be pleased to help you. If we think you are eligible to make claim compensation. We will put you in touch with one of our qualified medical negligence solicitors, suitable for your claim. He will be able to handle your claim efficiently.

Do not delay. Just call us on 020 8965 6360 for a confidential chat.

Why Choose Ronniesolicitor?

We have a team of knowledgeable and experts. Our solicitors are highly qualified and specialized in a medical negligence claim. They all have over 40 years of experience handling medical negligence cases and specialize in orthopaedic injuries, birth injuries, and cancer misdiagnosis claims.

You can take our expert advice on your claim, and We will ensure that your compensation will help you access the support you need to enjoy the best quality of life.

We understand what you are suffering and help you to access specialist rehabilitation and support services to assist your health recovery. We know that, beyond compensation, you will want to understand why things went wrong, and we will help you get the apology and answers you deserve.