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When you are prosecuting against any kind of medical negligence case, choosing a medical negligence solicitors is a very important decision. Your choice of medical negligence solicitor can make a big alteration; it could mean the difference between a well-handled case and a shamble hardship, the right recompense, and a missed opportunity for justice.

Whatever you have suffered as a result of medical negligence, however, you need to look for advice from a specialist medical malpractice solicitor. So with this in mind, we’ve written as an additional guide you help with finding the right medical negligence solicitor.

Do I have to choose a specialist medical negligence solicitor?

There is no law to say you can only engage a solicitor who is professional in medical negligence to carry out your claim. When you instruct a lawyer, you are essentially hiring the skill and knowledge of that lawyer to defend your rights. You rely on their expertise to conduct your right correctly through an often confusing and problematic world, confident that they will be acting to achieve your best interests.

After all, even if your claim has already been assigned to a firm of medical negligence solicitors, you always have the right to change medical malpractice solicitors if you wish to do so.


Do I have to choose a specialist medical malpractice solicitor?


Will a specialist medical negligence solicitor cost more?

You might be worried that a specialist medical negligence solicitor will cost you a lot more money than one who is not as well-qualified. However, if you are successful in your claim, most of your costs will be paid by the other side. Some of your amend will be subtracted to contribute to your legal bills but this is the normal way in which ‘No Win, No Fee Agreements’ works. Additionally, by using a medical negligence solicitor, you boost your chances of successfully recovering compensation anyway.

If you are profitable in your claim then, a ‘No Win, No Fee’ Agreement or assent means there will be no fee to pay, but in rare situations.


Will a specialist medical malpractice solicitor cost more?


How can I find an authentic medical negligence solicitor?

There are many medical malpractice solicitors out there who claim to be specialists in medical negligence. However, not all of them have the ability and competence you would ask a genuine specialist to have.

Here are two key steps to take when assessing whether a lawyer is a medical negligence solicitor

1. Look them up on The Law Society’s solicitor database. Under their entry will be a sub-heading named ‘Areas of Practice’. If medical negligence does not appear in this list then you should not consider them as a suitable medical negligence solicitor to handle your prosecution. If you cannot find the medical Negligence solicitor in London you are searching for on the database, not a qualified and experienced solicitor.

2. Check whether or not they are credited by a recognized professional lawyer. If the medical negligence solicitor is a member of Action against Medical Accidents or the Law Society’s Medical Negligence Panel, they will have been needed to confirm assured criteria to associate. These involve proof that they have handled a great number of cases and got a well-suited several successful cases.

AVMA is a UK charity organization to increase patient safety and seek justice for those affected by medical accidents. Their medical Negligence solicitor in London accredited program operates as a sign of quality for specialist medical negligence solicitors who have achieved it.


How can I find an authentic medical malpractice solicitor?


Is it better to choose a local medical malpractice solicitor?

You should not feel forced to instruct a medical malpractice solicitor close to you. Sometimes using a local firm can be a benefit, especially if your solicitor will see you at key points during the prosecution or if you are needed to be present at the solicitor’s office. However, the priority is for you to instruct a solicitor who is best to deal with your medical negligence claim; their location should always be your secondary factor.

Can Truth Legal lend a hand?

If you are considering starting a medical negligence claim, or you wish to switch your existing claim to a specialist medical Negligence solicitor in London, we are willing to discuss your medical negligence matters with you. Please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a member of our professional medical negligence team. Check ronniesolicitor to get more information.

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