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If you have studied in the courses law, you surely have been heard about legal training and completed the related exams as well. This is one of the most important parts of becoming a lawyer to improve the skills and needed characteristics and abilities you desire.

In this part of the article, we intend to know more about legal training and the requirements in this case. Let’s get to know more.

What are legal training and its steps?

Legal training and its steps are followed in a list of skills and abilities for the students who have finished their courses and this is the time for legal training and development in their field. There are many offered professional legal training programs for fitting the timetable of the applicants and their special needs.

These courses and training solutions are intended to cover a range of practice areas and delivery options for flexible providing solutions which are known and good as training for any lawyer, whether they are in a legal career or not.

The range of programs for legal training aimed to become a solicitor for working. Now, becoming a solicitor in the UK has its tricks and special manner based on the country and regulations. Most of the institutions offer packages of getting legal training in different types and options.


What are legal training and its steps? 


What are the courses for a trainee?

This is too much important for all of the students and legal trainees to get this legal training and receive pieces of training that are flexible, effective, and professional for their future work.

Not only do the law students need legal training courses for offering an excellent level of pieces of training, so, but the trainee also needs to be accommodated and adaptable to the commercial and specialist needs of your firm or employer.
These types of programs and legal training are a requirement for many ranges of people from those who look for support her/his career needs and ambitions or some the professional employers seeking professional law training for the trainees. What matters in legal training, seeking skills and abilities to become a solicitor in London or any city you’re living in.

What does a trainee lawyer do in the legal training?

A trainee solicitor or someone who is completing legal training, all of the theoretical studies from university into practice. So, you will involve with working for different types of clients. The whole tasks which might be performed daily or not are including:

Administrative tasks such as proofreading documents

  • Preparing and attending a court proceeding
  • Attending interviews
  • Attending meetings with clients
  • Drafting emails and letters to clients
  • Drafting and negotiating legal documents and contracts

What are the professional skills courses?

The professional skill course or PSC is the last course of legal training for the applicants of their compulsory training before they intend to qualify as a solicitor and build on the skills that the applicant or the trainee has learned duration of their LPC or GDL.

The whole core areas of the professional skill course are including in:

  • Financial and business skills
  • professional standards and client care
  • Communication and advocacy skills

There are elective modules on the area of the law during the professional skill course that interest you. This can choose between contentious and non-contentious modules from various specialisms including family, criminal, and corporate law.

If you have any family issues which should be resolved legally, get in touch with our family solicitor in London and get consultations. There are also some practice elective skills including modules on how to present, negotiate, and improve written communications as well.

Commercial awareness is another important part and forms a big part of the course.


What are the professional skills courses?


How to apply for legal training courses contracts?

This is important to know when you should apply for legal solicitor training contracts depending on your chosen study choice and the route of the law firm. This chart can explain things clearer:

  • Study route When to apply
  • 3-year qualifying law degree Your second year
  • 3-year non-law degree Your third year
  • 4-year qualifying law degree Your third year
  • 4-year non-law degree Your fourth year

Recommendation minimum training contract salary is around £22.212 in the London and £19.619 out of the city. The average training contract salary is also around £35.000 up to £48.000 in London and £18.000 up to 35.000 out of London.

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