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If you have been accused criminally, your future is in danger. Your freedom, employment, reputation, and rights as a citizen may be prominently diminished if not outright taken away if you are condemned. No criminal charge is worth the hazard and risk of taking on criminal defense alone.

The guidance, protection, and representation offered by an experienced criminal defense solicitor in London are critical. Our criminal defense lawyers defend their clients strongly.

With our years of combined legal experience in the UK, your case will be defended with skill and meticulousness.


Lawyers defend their clients with all strategies

It’s your solicitor’s job to acquire a defense strategy, not to judge you. Defense attorneys are ethically bound to enthusiastically represent all clients, those whom they think will be justly found guilty as well as those whom they think are truthfully innocent. A robust defense is needed to protect the innocent and to ensure that judges and citizens—and not the police—have the eventual power to decide who is guilty of a crime.

In truth, the defense lawyer practically never knows whether the defendant is guilty of an accused crime. The defendant may be lying to take the rap for someone he wants to watch over. Or the defendant might be guilty but of an altered and lesser crime than the one being sued by the district attorney. A defendant may have done the act in question but have a valid defense that would absolve him. For these reasons, among others, defense lawyers frequently do not ask their clients if they committed the crime. Instead, our lawyers defend their clients and use the facts to put on the best defense doable and leave the question of guilt to the judge or jury.

What defense attorneys cannot do is lie to the judge or jury in court. For instance, a lawyer cannot unambiguously state that the defendant did not do something the lawyer knows the defendant did do. The lawyer also can’t declare guilt against the client’s wishes. Instead, the defense lawyer will focus their trial tactics and urgings on the government’s failure to prove all the elements of the crime.

Our lawyers defend their clients and represent clients accused and jailed on all types of criminal charges as mentioned below:

  • Domestic violence
  • Restraining order violations
  • Child abuse
  • Protective services issues
  • Assault
  • Drug crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Theft and shoplifting
  • White-collar crimes
  • Violent crimes
  • Major felonies

If you or your loved ones are being investigated or arrested, you must speak with a knowledgeable and expert criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. We can help your loved one get released on bond, negotiate to diminish the cost of a bond and prepare your case for the best possible defense.

We will comprehensively investigate your case. Our investigations on your case go above and beyond the police investigation. We will look for evidence and our lawyers defend their clients and their case. Police officers and prosecutors are only looking to convict and condemn you. We will work to mitigate the charges against you as much as possible and strive to get the charges disdained.


Lawyers defend their clients with all strategies


After an arresting

Before you’re arrested, police investigated the crime they’re accusing you of and gathered enough evidence to decide that you’re responsible for the crime. They will file a case against you in criminal court, and our lawyers defend their clients can defend you in your case thoroughly.

The first stage in the criminal justice system is arraignment and prosecution. During you’re arraignment, the judge will read all charges filed against you and question whether you’ll plead guilty or not guilty.

Next, you and your defense solicitor in London will start to build your case. Lawyers defend their clients and work closely with you to discuss the best options possible for proceedings and approach a potential plea agreement. We will examine the evidence from when you were convicted, investigate your case carefully, and see if we can find any witnesses available.


After an arresting


Call a criminal defense lawyer today

The defense solicitor in London is results-driven, and we work untiringly for our clients. Our attorneys have been providing concerned and personalized legal services in London. Our lawyers defend their clients and safeguard their rights and privileges with our aggressive representation. Check ronnies solicitor .

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