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Law and criminology _


As you know, the world is based on some laws and regulations which are governing and monitoring the public to prevent any crime and social disorder. This is a kind of framed and formed terms of laws and rules for the countries in various fields.

Law and criminology is also a kind of study course for the students in the universities. For more information, let’s get closer to law and criminology.

What are law and criminology?

Generally, law and criminology are related to the various terms of rules set by government and society and aimed to prevent and control crimes and social disorders. All of the problems which are against the rules should be governed by law and criminology.

Inside that, the law and what is defined as criminal behavior should be varied around the world, and this is exactly what you will study in law and criminology about the foundational knowledge needed to specialize in the area that student is most interested in it. Some of the specialist topics and subjects are covered and include crime theory, punishment in society, and the criminal justice system. A solicitor in the UK who is working in law and criminology can focus on crime issues.

This is clear that a law and criminology degree will prepare you for more than a legal career, it mostly tries to learn you:

  • Thinking about ethics
  • Relationships between individuals and governments
  • Examining current and historic legal systems

Why study law and criminology?

There are many reasons for studying law and criminology:

Receiving an advanced knowledge of the law

Through your study in this field, you will get a deeper understanding of law and criminology and its principles, so, it’s time to look at the real-world exams and how to apply that knowledge in legal classes.

Receiving an advanced knowledge of the law 


Prestigious career

All the law graduates have this opportunity to go on and change the world in a better way. So, this is possible for you to have a legal career in different positions such as lawyer, barrister, solicitor, and more. These are ways you can impact the world with meaningful and lasting changes. Being a solicitor in London is one of these career areas.

Transferable skills

The undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in law and criminology will feed you with a variety of transferable skills so, these skills make you develop and learned and are also desirable for the employers.

Structured further study

This is possible for you to have more advantages of having a clear further study path through specific courses to follow certain careers.

High learning potential

Law and criminology graduates have the potential to benefit from their law courses. These earning ranges are varied in £25.000 for entry-level solicitor roles.

Degree options in law and criminology

There is a varied range of law and criminology degrees you can progress to after studying relevant pathways at the university you have chosen:

  • Undergraduate degree
  • Law with criminology BA
  • Law and criminology relationships BA
  • Law LLB
  • Criminology BSc

The whole skills and knowledge you will gain during your courses in law and criminology won’t set up for a career in the legal field but it aimed to prepare you for other exciting options such as:

  • Establishment in the government
  • Education

And find a law and criminology degree highly desirable and there are plenty of careers to choose from.

The main purpose of law and criminology

Generally, the law and criminology is focusing on analyzing crimes and criminals to understand the motives and the steps for preventing future crimes. The law and criminology also analyze trends and impacts of crimes on human society.

Another important impact and aspect of criminology relates to the evolution of punishment rehabilitation methods to the determination of efficacy and improve them.

In another hand, this is a related law that deals with the criminal code and law directly which is related to criminal offenses, trials, charges, and punishment for convicted criminals. Determination in law and criminology is needed if a suspect broke the law. So, what are the consequences and punishments they deserve if they are found guilty?


The main purpose of law and criminology 


Where is the best university of law and criminology in the UK?

The University of Leeds in the UK is one of the best universities of law and criminology for students who want to study in this way.

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