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We specialize in helping, who live in satisfactory housing conditions bring a claim for housing disrepair. Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors have brought claims successfully against private landlords, housing associations, and local authorities.

If you are living in social housing and your home is in a disrepair condition, our housing disrepair solicitors in London will help you claim for the required repairs to be carried out.

If you have suffered any financial or physical issues due to the disrepair in your home, our experts at Ronnie Solicitor will help you claim compensation.

Your housing association or local authority council is responsible for looking after the property you live in and ensuring it maintains and meets specific standards. Suppose these duties have been neglected.

At Ronnie Solicitor, our housing disrepair solicitors can help you claim those repairs that need to be carried out.


housing disrepair solicitors


In addition to getting the repairs you need, we can help you claim compensation for damage to your possessions, illness, and injury.

At Ronnie Solicitor, our housing disrepair solicitors will offer you with a free assessment before taking on your claim on a No-win, No-fee basis.

You can claim the following injuries

What is Housing Disrepair?

Housing disrepair happens when a place of residence falls into a condition of disrepair, unfit for living.

Whether a Private Landlord manages your property, the Local Authority, or a Housing Association, they all have the same responsibilities and obligations over your residence.

Your landlord must confirm that the property is fit for you to live in at the start of your tenancy, and it must remain the same during your residence.

If your landlord has allowed your home to deteriorate, and you live in a ‘state of disrepair. Suppose you have informed them of your problems, so the court will order your landlord to rectify this because your landlord has not sustained your flat or house appropriately, to the extent that repairs are required urgently.

There might be significant damage to only one room or various rooms in your home. You may even be quite unable to use rooms in your home because of the landlord’s disrepair and negligence.

And may have suffered damage to your private belongings, such as your health, clothes, or furniture.

Disrepair includes many issues, include most structural defects, dampness and mold, water leaks or gas, vermin or pest issues, lack of hot water, and faulty central heating.


What is Housing Disrepair?


Many of these disrepair problems are linked so that they can happen as a result of one another. These may also cause health problems, destroy your possessions and finally make your home unfit for living.

At Ronnie Solicitor, our housing disrepair solicitors in London are always ready to help anyone facing these kinds of problems with landlord disrepair and negligence in their home.

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Housing Disrepair Claims for Health and Safety

Gas leaks, damp and mould, structural damage, vermin control issues, no heating or hot water and many more can make your property dangerous and uncomfortable to live in.

In theory, none of these issues should ever occur because your landlord is responsible for taking care of serious problems when they develop.

But unfortunately, some landlords neglect their responsibilities and leave tenants living in unfit situations for long periods.

Your landlord is responsible for ensuring

Your landlord is responsible for maintaining these problems. If he fails, our housing disrepair solicitors can help you make a claim for them to carry out the required repairs. We always want you to be happy and comfortable in your home without worrying about disrepair creating health issues for you and your family.

Taking Action Against Landlord Under Housing Disrepair Law

Your home state will get worse if your social landlord does not repair the damage and disrepair. You may require to take legal action.

Note: you always have to report problems to your landlord as soon as you notice them, which will give them a chance to carry out repairs immediately.

However, if your landlord fails to fix what needs to be repaired, does not respond to you, ignores the problem, or carries out the repair to a low standard, so after all, legal action against them is the proper next step.



Taking Action Against Landlord Under Housing Disrepair Law


None should have to put up with degrading and unhealthy living conditions. Do not accept disrepair proper, which is caused by your landlord’s negligence; it can harm you and your family.

Our Housing Disrepair solicitors are experts in handling cases that deal with disrepair. We will help you claim the essential repairs to be carried out by your landlord and claim compensation for disrepair.

Contact our Housing Disrepair Solicitors today if your social property or council is in a poor situation and your landlord is not taking action on it.

Ronnie Solicitor will give you specialist advice and support you by claiming compensation for disrepair. We surely want to help you live in comfort without worrying about disrepair problems and their effects on you and your family.

Making a Claim

If you are a tenant living in a rented property and have suffered from the impact of disrepairs ignored by your landlord, you are not alone.

Our Housing Disrepair Solitaires has more than 40 years of experience working with people just like you – we know just how to get your needed help.

Our specialist team will assist you in every step of the compensation claim, from the initial consultation right through to getting you professional inspections and your landlord to carry out the work you have to get your living life more fully again. And you will not pay a single penny unless you succeed in the claim. Give us a call, and one of our team members will get your claim started. By logging your inquiry with us today, you potentially have everything to gain but nothing to lose.

How Long do I Have to Make a Claim?

You have limited time because there are time restrictions on making a claim. Hence, it is essential to contact us as quickly as possible.

You must make a housing disrepair claim within six years from the date you knew there was disrepair in the property, and your landlord has failed to respond in a reasonable time.

Alternatively, if you have suffered any personal injuries due to disrepair in the property, in that case, the time limit is three years to claim from the date when the incident happened.

Anyhow, you must get in touch with us as soon as possible to detect if you are entitled to make a claim. For more information, you can call us on 020 8965 6360 or email us at

Can I Make a No-Win No-Fee Claim?

All of our customer’s cases operate on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. No win no fee essentially means that you do not pay any fees if we do not win your claim.

By choosing to pursue a No-Win No-Fee claim, you will always have a complete guarantee.



Can I Make a No-Win No-Fee Claim?


Where you claim to be successful, we will be entitled to charge you a success fee capped at no more than 35% of the compensation you will receive.

If you fail to cooperate, provide dishonest or misleading information or breach the terms of your contract, we may charge you for the work we have completed on your case

Can I Still Claim, If I No Longer Live in The Property?

Unluckily, you cannot claim. You must still be living in the property to be eligible for making a claim.

Will my Landlord Evict Me, If I Make a Claim?

Suppose you have decided to claim damages or disrepairs. In that case, your landlord has no legal reason to evict you, inconveniences, or personal injuries you have suffered due to unrectified disrepairs.

You should make a Housing disrepair claim seeking compensation for disrepairs via the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, which states landlords are legally required to keep in repair the exterior, structure, and installations of a dwelling-house.

But you must make sure to continue paying total rent during living in the property, as you will collect rent arrears, and your landlord may try to evict you and is allowed to make a claim against you for breaching your Tenancy Contract.

How am I Eligible to Claim Housing Disrepair?

You may be eligible for compensation If you live in a Housing Association property or Council affected by disrepairs – despite reporting the problems to your landlord.

Housing disrepair can range in severity. However, the inconvenience and distress they can cause can significantly affect many aspects of your life, inconveniences, like restricted use of your property or cause critical illnesses or injuries.

Already, you have to inform your landlord of disrepair if you want to make your claim successful. And you have to give them a reasonable time to respond to fix the problem.

The length of time depends on the severity of the reported repair. If your landlord has yet to fix the repair, you may be entitled to claim compensation for damages, inconvenience you have suffered, or personal injuries.

Your landlord is irresponsible to fix issues or damages caused by the tenant’s careless actions.

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Proving your Housing Disrepair Case

If you have a housing disrepair claim, evidence and examples can prove to the court that. It means that if we provide the relevant information, the better chance the claimant has of receiving a prosperous and fair result.

  1. Collect evidence.

It will help if you take photographs to show the state of the property you own and keep notes of your contact with the landlord, attempting to fix problems.

  1. Discuss your options

Our experts will arrange to speak with you, and if our experts are satisfied that there are grounds for a claim, we will manage your case on a No-Win No-Fee basis. If unluckily we do not win your case, you do not need to pay our legal fees.

  1. Property inspection

Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors will also arrange for a surveyor to survey your house for defects or disrepair.

  1. Compensation assessment

Our experts will quantify your compensation claim, collecting medical evidence to help your case.

Take action with housing disrepair experts

If your property is in disrepair, you are entitled to fix those repairs at your landlord’s cost. Some Landlords will agree to compensate you for rectifying the premises.

In that case, we will have it re-re-survey to make sure the work has been done properly and that the property is now fit for habitation.

Suppose your landlord fails to comply and cooperate with responsibilities. In that case, Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors will apply to the court for an order demanding the Landlord to fix the property to a satisfactory standard. Our experts will also seek legal costs and housing disrepair compensation.



Take action with housing disrepair experts


If we consider you to have a great case, Ronnie Solicitor will pressure the claim on a No Win No Fee basis, so if our experts do not win the case, you have to pay nothing towards our legal fees.

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Here at Ronnie Solicitor, our specialist Housing Disrepair Solicitors are experts and Knowledgeable. We specialize in helping, who live in satisfactory housing conditions bring a claim for housing disrepair.

Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors have brought claims successfully against private landlords, housing associations, and local authorities.

If you have any claim repeating Housing Disrepair solicitors need, our expert and helpful team can always help you.

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