Instructing our expert family law solicitors and divorce team means you are going to have one of the most well recognized and biggest family law practices all around London on your side. Our solicitors are consistently rated outstanding by independent legal practice directories.

Family Law Solicitors

Ronnie Solicitor is one of the UK’s leading family law firms. As London’s top solicitors for high-value and complex family cases. We pair unparalleled legal insight with over 40 years of experience to ensure the very best result for our customers.

Whether you need support with a complex divorce or a family dispute, we will try to resolve it sensitively yet robustly by positive communication. Where necessary and appropriate, we will guide and advise you in litigation and will be able to help you to search for solutions that reduce conflict and costs.


Family Law Solicitors in london


Ronnie Solicitor has knowledgeable to covers all areas of family law.  They entirely focus on family relationship problems, such as divorce proceedings, adoption, child custody, child arrangements, international adoption, including surrogacy, and many more.

Our highly experienced family law Solicitors provide expert, impartial guidance to help refix family law issues.

Ronnie solicitor offers their customers a personal and supportive service during stressful and challenging times while focusing on achieving the best possible outcome for them efficiently and quickly.

If you need any help, Ronnie Solicitor’s professional and knowledgeable family law solicitors are always ready. Please call us at 020 8965 6360 to arrange an initial fixed fee consultation. Meetings can also take place by telephone.

Can Our Family Law Solicitors Team Help?

Ronnie Solicitor’s team of Family Law experts are highly regarded in their field of work and have unrivaled experience in their specialisms.

The team is one of the largest in London. It has accredited specialists dealing with separation and divorce, proceedings, child care, domestic abuse, child abduction, adoption, and disputes relating to children.

Our professional Solicitors believe in access to justice for all and hence offer affordable legal services, including fixed-fee packages. Furthermore, the team provides free consultations on your first visit.

We offer flexible appointments to fit our customers’ needs, and we can arrange them to fit around lunch breaks or work commitments.


Can Our Family Law Solicitors Team Help?


Following your consultation, our charging policy is transparent, and we keep you notified at all times where you stand.

When our Family Law Solicitors team takes on your case, we step in your shoes and help you in what can be the most distressing experience of your life; the threat of the loss of your child or the breakdown of a relationship. The specialists are sympathetic, considerate and really understand what you are going through.

Our expert Family Law Solicitors make each effort to make you feel as happy as possible. And it is vital to remember that we are ordinary people like you; we just have a specific set of skills. Our dedicated team of family law solicitors is experts in all areas of family law, including:


can ronnie solicitors Family Law Team Help?


If you are experiencing any family issues get in touch with us to get started. We will need to run through some details with you to assure you we are assigning the right family law solicitors to your case, and we will book you an appointment to talk with our expert solicitor. It can then be by phone or email, whichever is easiest for you. Give us a call today on 020 8965 6360 or send us an email at

Ronnie Solicitor’s Approach to Family Law

Ronnie solicitor believes that we can solve family law matters in the most constructively and positively possible way.

We are focused on helping you get a positive result that works for everyone involved. Our approach always works to encourage agreement wherever possible, whatever stage you have reached – avoid litigation as much as possible and help reduce your legal costs.

If your family law case needs to be negotiated or if you do need to go to Family Court, our competitive fixed Family law Solicitors fees will ensure you have the best expertise at the right price to help you with as much or as you like.

What Can We Help With?

Our family law solicitors can help in a range of circumstances, including:

Unmarried Couples

Living together

There is no such thing as a “common law marriage”. If you did not marry and live together or plan to do so, we could draft a cohabitation agreement to protect you suppose your relationship breaks down.

Prenuptial agreements

 Suppose you are planning to get married, but you want to agree previously on how your financial assets and property would be split; suppose you were to divorce.

New relationships

Ronnie Solicitor can help you protect your children’s legacy.


Relationship Breakdown

Divorce and civil partnership dissolution

We will guide you during the legal process while protecting your interests to get a fair financial settlement.


 If you are separated but are not ready or do not want to divorce, we can help draft a separation agreement.


Relationship Breakdown Solicitors



Adoption or surrogacy

We will help you negotiate the legal process of securing legal parenthood, as well as other legal matters around surrogacy and adoption.

Child arrangements following a divorce

We can negotiate agreements such as the time children spend with each parent, where they go to school and what they should pay for child maintenance.


Children Solicitors


We can also assist step-parents and grandparents in securing contact with a kid.

Child abduction or relocation

If your previous partner has taken your baby, we could help you get them back. If you or your previous partner wants to move to another country along with your baby, we will be able to assist you.

Many of these problems can be more complicated for people in later life. For the Later Life, Relationships Package, we can help if you are older and want to start a new relationship.

You can expect Ronnie Solicitor to


You can expect Ronnie Solicitor to


Ronnie Solicitor promises you

Fair pricing

Our fixed fee package means you know how much your legal work will cost. No one will demand any extra fee once we confirm the cost.

No legal jargon

Our family law solicitors will get time to know your needs and provide clear information, so you completely understand what is going on each step of the way.

Minimize stress

Our family law solicitors will help you reach the best possible result for you and your family with the least likely distress.

No nasty surprises

Our family law solicitors will offer you with a written quote or inform you on the phone call before any work starts.

Treat you as an individual

We do not believe in a one size fits all approach, and we will work with you to find the solution that’s right for you.

Handle your case with sensitivity

Our Family Law Solicitors and legal experts are experienced in family law and have specialist training to make sure they can help you with the challenges you are facing.

Our family and divorce legal team.

Ronnie Solicitor has an expert team of diverse and engaging characters who share a sense of integrity and empathy.

We maintain a constructive approach to insensitive and painful situations and are known to be straightforward, sensible, and pragmatic.

We will always be able to act in your best interests.

What does family law cover?

Family law covers various legal issues, including divorce, separation, financial settlements, arrangements for children, adoption, surrogacy, domestic violence, and international family law. It also covers Wills and inheritance disputes.

Why choose us?

We can understand well that all situations differ – it is not always a one-size-fits-all – so we assure you that we provide the proper guidance and advice to suit your individual needs.

We are experts

Ronnie Solicitor is one of the UK’s biggest and well-known family law solicitor firms and has an expert team of solicitors to advise and guide you.

It does not matter how complex your situation may be. Our dedicated solicitor’s teams are experts and experienced; they achieve the best outcome for their customers every year.

Clear on pricing

Our family law solicitors are clear on the prices from the outset. We cannot offer Legal Aid as part of our family law services; however, our price depends on your case, and it is affordable for an initial consultation.

Experienced and Expert

We are the UK’s most prominent family law solicitor firm, with over 40 years of experience; it will be familiar to our solicitors whatever your family situation.

Ronnie Solicitor’s expert team is equipped to handle different cases and provide sound, impartial advice, and guidance from years of family law experience.

We are famous for our collaborative approach and work with local mediators and other experts to create a strong support team that is highly well-regarded and practiced.

Easily accessible

Ronnie Solicitor is a national family law firm with legal experts available locally across London. We can arrange meetings for you via telephone, email, or video call – whatever suits you the best.

Please talk to our family law solicitors today by calling 020 8965 6360 or email at to get started with your case.


Contact Our Expert

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Would you please call our expert and experienced Solicitor’s inquiry Team on 020 8965 6360 or email for an initial chat about your circumstances?

Step 2

Our Family Law Solicitors will listen to you carefully, clarify what you are trying to achieve, and then explain if and how we can help you succeed.

Our solicitors will take any initial information and liaise with a legal specialist regarding your personal or family case.

If it looks like we can help, our Solicitors will book you in for an initial free consultation with a legal professional.