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family court duty solicitor – The first place every person enters is the family. Respect for reciprocal rights makes sense first in the family and then in society, in other words, all family members have mutual rights and duties which, if it’s not respected, will cause family disputes and collapse؛ it also has unpleasant consequences in society. According to the above and increasing family disputes, you need to have a good family solicitor.

In this article, we will review the family solicitor and describe his duties and characteristics.

family court duty solicitor

We all understand the sensitivity and power of words, we use words to convey meaning and to communicate. Measure the complexity, weight, and specialization of legal issues, It is not easy!

We are all aware of the specialization of legal issues and that is why we need a specialized and experienced family solicitor, solicitors are like your beacon in all lawsuits and courts, they are against you with all their being and knowledge, and expertise. They defend against any injustice and loss of your rights.

Who is the family court duty solicitor?

A Solicitor or Advocate is a qualified legal practitioner who provides legal advice and conducts legal proceedings. Their duties include preparing legal documentation, representing and defending a client’s legal interests, and attending meetings and negotiations. A family solicitor is a lawyer who works and has experience in the field of family affairs, in other words, he is an expert in family litigation. Family lawsuits are about family and personal relationships. Such as divorce, dowry, alimony, custody…


Who is the family court duty solicitor?


What are the duties of a family solicitor?

  •  The most important task of a family solicitor is to strive for justice and to observe ethical principles and all the necessary measures to win the case.
  •  The second duty of a solicitor is to defend the rights of the client.
  • The third duty is to follow up on the case and report the case information to the client. After accepting the case, the family solicitor should answer his / her client’s questions about the case in a reasonable time and explain the work procedure and court decision to the client.
  • The solicitor is obliged to keep the secrets related to his client and must refrain from colluding with the other party in the case. Reliability of the lawyer and having fairness and correct behavior towards the client are other obligations of the family lawyer.
  •  Another duty of the family solicitor is to appear in court as a representative of her/his client and to defend them.
  •  He should provide legal advice to a specialized family according to the circumstances of its client and striving for peace and tolerance between couples should play, for example, by fully explaining and understanding the terms of the marriage, clarifying the obligations, rights, and duties of the parties and through them Prevent unpleasant events and disputes in the future.


Who’s the family solicitor?

interest in the rights and duties of spouses in the context of marital cohabitation has grown recently, but those who predict a possible future termination of the family must go to a lawyer specializing in family law more than anyone else. To deal with family law with particular attention to the end of marriages are various figures known to most as marriage lawyers or divorce lawyers, who in some cases prefer the more neutral term “family solicitor”. But who is the marriage lawyer? The marriage lawyer (or divorce) is a lawyer specializing in family law who is responsible for illustrating their respective rights and duties to one of the two spouses or both spouses, possibly suggesting possible legal solutions to them if the couple decides to end the marriage union.

The family solicitor is a professional whose prevailing experience concerns the branch of family law and matrimonial law and who, through targeted practice and refresher courses, has gained familiarity with the problems and disputes relating to the relationship between the spouses, and the relationship of parents with minor children and adult children who are not economically self-sufficient.

Main topics of legal advice and assistance in the field of family law


  •  custody of minors
  •  hetero-family foster care
  •  cessation of coexistence more uxorious
  •  disclaimer of paternity
  •  joint divorce and litigation divorce
  •  filiation
  •  limitations of parental responsibility
  •  child support
  •  marriage and cohabitation
  •  family mobbing
  •  property relations between spouses
  •  recognition of children
  •  reconciliations
  •  consensual separation, de facto separation, and judicial separation
  •  stalking


Main topics of legal advice and assistance in the field of family law


Family solicitor London

Meanwhile, in England, it is possible to get a divorce without having to go through a legal separation. With considerable savings in time and costs. The divorce process itself is also much more simplified. You fill out a form, check a box where you declare your intention to divorce, and indicate one of the five reasons for the end of the marriage: adultery, unreasonable behavior by the spouse, abandonment, consensual separation for two years, separation without consent from 5 years.

But beware, in England, there is no charge as a cause for exclusion from maintenance. So no private investigators, WhatsApp messages brandished in the courtroom, compromising photos in the case files. None of this. In England, if you want to indicate adultery as a reason for divorce, you usually ask the other party for a sort of “consent”, to avoid disputes that could lead to a lengthening of judicial times (and costs).


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