Dental negligence covers any injuries that have been directly caused, overlooked or made worse by the dental health professional. If it has happened to you, then you may be entitled to compensation.

You can make a dental negligence claim for any accident or oversight that has caused you to harm your wellbeing, suffered physical injury, or caused financial losses.

Dental health practitioners must take care of their patients and endeavor to give their patients the proper standard of care.

Suppose you think that they have failed in their duty of care and you want to claim compensation. Ronnie Solicitor is always here to help you get the proper compensation you deserved.

Some common examples of dental negligence include:

Dental negligence Solicitor

If you have suffered a dental condition due to medical expert negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Ronnie Solicitor in London will be able to help you?

Our qualified and knowledgeable solicitors in London that undertake dental compensation claims will seek to claim for: – loss of earnings, costs resulting in your expenses, costs involved in general damages and remedial work for suffering and pain.

Whilst every dental negligence case is unique, and it normally falls in three areas:


Dental negligence Solicitor


Misdiagnosis, like undertaking treatments that do not need to be done or wrong medicine being prescribed.

Delays to diagnosis, delays can usually lead to further complications resulting in pain and increased costs.

Poor dental work, you have to expect any treatment to be carried out to a reasonable standard; unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Dental negligence claims have a time limit, so get in touch with Ronnie Solicitor today to see if you have a compensation claim. If you have, our professional and expert dental claims solicitors in London can always help to claim your compensation.

If you need more information on a dental negligence compensation claim, our solicitors will provide this through their website or on the phone call.

Can I Claim Against My Dentist?

Yes, you can. Whether your dentist is a National Health Service’ NHS’ or private provider and you are harmed due to their negligent treatment. Then you may be able to claim compensation against them.

Get in touch with Ronnie Solicitor for free initial advice to work out your claim. Our qualified solicitor will get you the compensation you deserve.

It is better to start your compensation claim as early as possible as there are time limits for making Dental negligence claims.

What do I need to claim Dental Negligence Compensation?

First, your will need to collect the evidence to establish that your dentist was negligent. Other than that, there are time limits for submitting a claim. You should start within 3 years from the time you knew you had neglected to treat your teeth.

You may no longer could claim dental negligence compensation or sue your dentist if once these three years have passed.

If you feel so, contact our expert solicitors to collect your evidence before you pass your legal time limit and claim your case for the compensation you deserved.


What do I need to claim Dental Negligence Compensation?


What Is Time Limit to Make a Dental Claim?

Usually, you need to make a dental negligence compensation claim within three years from when you became aware you may have received negligent dental treatment. After three years have passed, you will not be able to make a dental negligence claim.

But some exceptions are also there to these time limits, including:

Suppose you are involved in dental negligence. Get in touch with Ronnie Solicitor to get free advice from expert and professional solicitors about your case. We will Liston to your circumstances carefully and would tell you what to do next.

How Long Does a Dental Claim Take?

It can take between a few months or a few years to settle a Dental negligence claim (depending on the severity of your weather and injury or not your ‘NHS’ or private dentist accepts the responsibility). We at Ronnie Solicitor settle most claims quickly, but more complicated cases deal with bigger claims; it may take longer than that.

Things that determine how long a dental negligence claim might take include;


How Long Does a Dental Claim Take?


No-win, No-Fee Dental Negligence Claim

Mostly Ronnie Solicitor’s dental negligence cases are handled on a ‘No-Win, No-Fee’ basis or Conditional Fee Agreement. It means that you do not have to pay anything before, and there is no cost if your dental negligence claim is unsuccessful. By this, you are free from paying us any legal fees all over the complete negligence claims process.

Ronnie Solicitor will keep you fully update around your claim so you would better know how much compensation you can receive. If you win the dental negligence compensation claim, your opponents will pay most of your legal costs, and the remaining fee will be deducted from the total award value while you receive the rest.

Types of Dental Negligence

It can take many various forms. Any faulty dental therapy that results in injury, pain or trauma is potentially considered negligence. If you suffered any of the below at the hands of a dental expert, you might be able to make a judicial file compensation claim.

If you wonder, “how do I know if I have been experiencing dental negligence” then you are not alone. Our Ronnie Solicitor experts will advise if you are unsure.


Types of Dental Negligence


There are various types of dental negligence that can inform a claim, including but not limited to:


Dental negligence, or dental malpractice, may involve harming the patient, whether by poorly performed procedures, failure to diagnose, or incompetence. It may include severing a nerve failing to diagnose decay, or pulling the wrong tooth resulting in further problems.




Serious injury

Severe injuries to a patient can be a symptom of a dental disorder, while some patients experience life-changing injuries. The dentist may cause serious infection because of unsafe practices, improperly use dental tools fail to diagnose, or a case of oral cancer resulting in permanent injury. These examples can qualify dental malpractice.


Serious injury


Informed consent

The dentist is responsible for informing you of any of the risks involved with your proposed treatments or treatment and any side effects and risks to your health. If the dentist treats your and do not entirely aware of these risks beforehand and something goes wrong, you could have grounds for a dental negligence compensation claim.


Informed consent


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