Suppose you want to buy, sell, or reportage a property, our expert conveyancing law solicitor provides the specialist assistance you need to navigate the complex legal processes involved.

Various types of property and transactions need various areas of expert legal knowledge. Our specialist solicitor has the depth and insight of experience to help you maintain your property successfully, includes:

Whatever your property needs, our expert team of conveyancing and property law solicitors will be able to provide clear and straightforward services, keeping you up-to-date at each stage during the process. We are only charging simple and upfront fixed costs, and you can get a complete quote for the price of your case with our online Conveyancing Law Solicitors.

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What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is a legal process of moving the official ownership of land title to a new owner. This new owner can be either a person or an entity like a small business.

It involves preparing, verifying, and lodging the different legal documents for home buying and selling and preparing the property for settlement.


What is conveyancing?


While you want to buy the first property, the conveyancing process can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate without assistance.

Ronnie Solicitor is here to provide professional service and assistance for new buyers and sellers. For a typical transaction, this might include:

Many legal requirements need to be met before a change in ownership of any property can occur.

It can be stressful and really very complicated, but our team of specialist conveyancing law solicitors will be able to help make your transaction as smooth as possible.


Buying Property


Buying Property

Our conveyancing law solicitors’ specialists have helped thousands of people to buy a new home for themselves.

Our experts will always be with you every step of the way when buying a new property, from pre-contract right through to completion, and our duty is to make the complete process of the case as smooth as possible.

Our customers have always our full support to buy anything from rural, leasehold, urban, freehold, and new builds to listed properties, and our conveyancing law solicitors can make that experience work for you.

Ronnie Solicitor is also a full-service law firm, meaning that our experts can support the transfer of property, mortgages, and even creating a Will. Whatever you need, our experts are always here to help.

Selling Property

Ronnie Solicitor can understand that the process can be stressful and confusing when it comes to selling property. If you are going to sell your property privately or by an estate agent, you need to ensure you instruct the correct specialist who can make the process as easy as possible.


Selling Property


Our conveyancing law solicitors understand that you want to get your home sold efficiently and quickly, so you can focus on finding and moving into your new home.

Our conveyancing law solicitors’ specialists have the expertise to guide you during the process at every step – and with our handy online conveyancing calculator, you can receive a quote in minutes.

Mortgages & Re-mortgages

Ronnie Solicitor’s property and conveyancing experts can always help you whether you are mortgaging your property for the first time, or changing mortgage providers to get a better deal to borrow extra money, or your circumstances have changed.


Mortgages & Re-mortgages


We have accredited panel solicitor members with a large number of lenders. We have significant experience working with various banks, building societies, and other specialist mortgage lenders, so we have existing knowledge of how they all work.

Equity of Transfer

A property transfer involves changing the legal owners of a property. It will be very helpful if you get experts legal advice while transferring title and equity, as it can result in a noteworthy change in circumstances for you and anybody else involved. Our Conveyancing law solicitors can support you to explore the option of equity transfer in the following cases:


If you are going to get married or enter into a civil partnership, you may want to share ownership.

Separation or divorce

You may want to raise a name from the title deeds when your relationship ends.

Tax planning

Sharing ownership with children or other family members may be beneficial to mitigate future inheritance tax liabilities.

Change of circumstances

You may want to realign shares of co-owned property or buys out a co-owner.

Forming a Trust

You may want to protect property assets on behalf of a loved one who has trouble managing their finances.


Why Do I Need a Legal Assistance for Conveyancing?

“DIYourself” conveyancing is possible, but it is a time-consuming and complicated business with a vast amount of money at risk if you make a mistake.

At a reasonable price, our expert and professional conveyancing law solicitors can help you speed up your transaction and avoid this risk too.

Having Ronnie Solicitor’s specialist conveyancing law solicitors on your side offers real peace of mind through the already stressful process of buying or selling a property.

Our solicitors have more than 40 years of experience with a wide variety of property transactions, so we can anticipate problems and know exactly how to resolve any issues that arise.


Why Do I Need a Legal Assistance for Conveyancing?


Our conveyancing law solicitors will always act in your best interests during the process. We will handle complete investigations of the property’s title, contractual arrangements, financial Information, document preparation, the mortgage lenders, exchange of contracts’ legal work, registration at the Land Registry, payment of stamp duty, and many more, so you don’t have to.

Get in touch with one of our Ronnie Solicitor’s team members on 020 8965 6360 or email to learn more about how our conveyancing law solicitors can help.


Why Should I choose Ronnie Solicitor for Conveyancing?

Ronnie Solicitor is one of the leading national Conveyancing law firms, and we are passionate about delivering superior results for every customer.

Our conveyancing law solicitors are highly experts and experienced to ensure you receive prompt and reliable service.

Our experts will be able to keep you up to date at every step of the purchase or sale. In the unlucky situation that a dispute arises, we will always be here to deal with it on your side, seeking a swift and favourable resolution.

Our conveyancing and property services are competitively priced with complete charges laid out upfront, with no nasty surprises later on.

We will be able to manage the case by phone or email, but we also have conveyancing solicitors based in offices around the country for when a personal touch is required.

Please call free us on 020 8965 6360 to find out more about how we can help you.


How long does conveyancing take?

The conveyancing process will take around 2-3 months between instructing a solicitor and completing the purchase.

However, it is essential to note that the length of the process depends on different circumstances and the number of people involved in the chain.

There are usually circumstances at play that are out of you and your conveyancing solicitor’s control. For example, a lengthy onward chain of buyers may slow down the process significantly.

Suppose one party in the chain may have difficulty obtaining a mortgage, while another party may have an adverse survey and want further inquiries before proceeding.


How long does conveyancing take?


Ronnie Solicitor can understand how vital it is to resolve property matters quickly, especially when your family home is concerned.

Our expert conveyancing and property law solicitors will always endeavour to complete your transaction as soon as possible.

With a full service available via phone or email, you can take care of everything when it is convenient for you.


How much will it cost me?

The fees depend on the service we provide. Please contact our conveyancing las solicitors to provide you with a quotation for our legal fees.

We make payments to other parties called disbursements, and we may ask you for the money in advance. We will provide full details of the payment when we give a quote.

The Conveyancing Process

At Ronnie’s solicitor firm, our professional staff has helped people with their conveyancing issues. They all have more than 40 of experience and have solved thousands of cases for their customers.

In most of our cases, our solicitors will proceed conveyancing process in the following order:


Choose a Law Firm

The conveyancing process can be complex and long without assistance from  Conveyancing Law Solicitors.

It is fully recommended to choose a solicitor to handle your conveyance to make sure that all documents are correctly filled out and filed.

Review all Information

Our solicitors will get all the necessary documents and review all the required Information for buying/selling your property.

It includes the mortgages, property title, other charges, and outstanding taxes that may affect the final transaction.

Prepare Your Documents

Once Our conveyancing law solicitors review and prepare your important documents, our solicitor will then collaborate with your insurance company, realtor, bank, and the other party’s Conveyancer.

Two photocopies of all transaction documents will be prepared—one for the seller and one for the buyer.

Sign the Property Transaction Documents

Before your closing date, you will have to meet with your solicitor to sign the property transaction documents. After the signing is complete, we will collect the property deposit to process from the buyer. This step is also called an “exchange of contracts. “After this, we will agree on the seller and buyer promise to the terms of sales.

Review all The Documents and also Perform a Title Search

Before we complete and finalize the transaction, we will review each document for the last time and perform a title search to check the potential issue.

Once we consider that everything is correct and free of errors, so we will file the documents.

Finalize Payment and Receive the Keys

Once we file the documents, the seller receives the payment of his former property and gives the solicitor or buyer control of the property.

Our solicitor will then file a final report stating that we have transferred the property successfully.

Suppose you want to learn more about our Conveyancing Law Solicitors that how we can help. Get in touch with our team at Ronnie Solicitor.

You can reach us through contact number 020 8965 6360 or email us, and we will be ready to answer the questions you may have.

Who will look after my case?

One of our Ronnie Solicitor expert Conveyancing law solicitors will look after your case who has a wealth of experience in this area of law. Whether that is a caseworker or a solicitor, you can be sure of receiving high-quality advice with a personal service.

Why Choose Ronnie Solicitor?

Competitive Prices

We aim to provide the best quality of services at affordable prices, meaning you will be receiving the best service it does no matter what the price you pay.

Professional Service

Ronnie Solicitor’s Conveyancing law specialists are highly regarded in the industry and getting fantastic feedback on their professionalism while being down to earth and offering personalized service to every customer.


Why Choose Ronnie Solicitor?


Guidance and Support

Ronnie Solicitor’s expert team is here for you to make the process easy and stress-free. We will be with you each step of the way, and we are here to offer advice to keep your mind at ease.

We also communicate regularly, sensitively, and openly. We are always ready to listen to your circumstances.


We quote for what we can do, and we assure you are fully aware of the mystery about the legal process, so you have no worries or fears.

Dedicated legal experts

While you get ready to proceed, we will appoint you to an experienced solicitor to manage your case from start to end. And now you can make things easier.


Dedicated legal experts


Our professional will guide you through the process. As you become our customer, they will provide the relevant business terms and confirm the contact information, experience, and qualifications of anyone carrying out the work for you.

Keep you informed

Ronnie’s solicitor understands the importance of keeping you informed. That’s why our dedicated Conveyancing Solicitor will always provide you with regular updates on each circumstance that will happen at all stages of the Conveyancing process.

No sale, no fee guarantee

Sometimes, you are buying or selling a property, but things do not ever go according to plan; that’s why our conveyancing law solicitors provides a No Sale with No Fee Guarantee.

It means that if your property sale or property purchase failed for whatever reason, you will not be liable for the legal fees and will only need to pay for third-party costs that have already been incurred.