An accident at work is an event that results in injury, ill-health, which leads to physical or mental harm. It covers a broad range of circumstances that can result in an illness or injury in the workplace. Everything from a trip on a loose cable to contracting an industrial disease through exposure to hazardous chemicals at work can be classified as a workspace accident.

And also, while you are engaged in an occupational activity or during the time spent at work, it includes road traffic accidents of work. But it excludes accidents during the journey between home and the workplace.

Employers are legally obliged to protect them and tell them about health and safety issues that affect them.

If your injury is caused by an accident at work, you think your employer is at fault. Because they have failed in their duty of care, which has led to me suffering an injury or illness, and it is possible to prove that they were negligent in their actions.

In that case, you might be eligible to claim compensation. If you want so, get in touch with Ronnie Solicitor to proceed with your compensation claim today.

Can I Claim for Accident at Work Compensation?

Yes, you can claim for an accident at work compensation. If you are injured/hurt in an accident at work, and a coworker or your employer causes your injuries.

And you prove that your employer is liable for causing your injury or illness. It is maybe possible to pursue a claim against them.

You must usually start your claim within 3 years of your accident. If they have failed in their responsibility to prevent your illness or injury from occurring and negligence is proven on their behalf, they would pay compensation to you from their employer’s liability insurance.

Suppose you are involved in an accident at work and want to claim for an accident at work compensation.  Ronnie solicitor is always here to help you.

Our qualified and knowledgeable solicitor will carefully listen to your circumstances and ask you for the required components to process your compensation claim. Our claims are usually made on a ‘No Win, No Fee’ basis.


Can I Claim for Accident at Work Compensation?


Is There a Time Limit for Work Accident Claim?

Suppose you find yourself in the unlucky position of having an accident at the workplace. Ronnie Solicitor recommends you contact our accident at work qualified solicitors to start the claims process as soon as possible after your accident.

Although you have only 3 years to bring a claim when the severity of your injuries manifests itself, it’s advisable to get your claim. At the same time, the accident details are still fresh in your mind and in that of anyone else involved.

If you think I have to claim for an accident at work compensation. Ronnie Solicitor’s qualified team with 40 years of experience is always here to help advise you on what to do next. Get in touch with our qualified and knowledgeable solicitors on 020 8965 6360

How much compensation will I receive?

The compensation you receive depends on the extent of your injuries and how long it takes you to recover, but could include damages for:

How can I make an accident at work claim?

If you have got injured in a workplace accident caused by no fault of your own, contact Ronnie Solicitor for a free, no-obligation assessment of your claim. Our accident at work qualified and knowledgeable solicitors have been handling these claims for their clients. They all have over 40 years of experience in this role.

Ronnie Solicitor will manage your claim on a no-win, no-fee basis and will help you get the compensation you deserve. It is the right place for you to save your time and money as well. No time! No worry? Just get in touch with our Ronnie solicitor’s team members to come to you, and get the deal done.

How can I make an accident at work claim?


Accident at Work Solicitors

If your injury is caused at work due to the negligence of your employer, a co-worker, materials, or equipment used? Contact our expert accident at work solicitors now. At Ronnie Solicitor, we handle all types of injury claims for people working in all kinds of environments, from manufacturing, construction, and agriculture to offices, restaurants, and shops.

We also handle claims for occupational illness and industrial disease, including those relating to respiratory problems due to dust, chemicals or fumes; pneumoconiosis; occupational asthma; emphysema; asbestos-related diseases, deafness due to a noisy working environment; including asbestosis and mesothelioma; ‘Vibration White Finger’ due to working with vibrating tools; ‘Miner’s Knee’ caused by excessive kneeling and crawling and skin conditions caused by chemicals or other irritants.

Can a Ronnie solicitor help?

Yes, of course, we can help. If your employer/boss has failed to abide by their legal duties under safety and health laws, you suffer a workplace injury. As a result, you have to contact a Ronnie Solicitor’s specialist accident at work solicitor straight away.

Our qualified solicitor will help you gather the evidence that needs to prove your case and refer you to a medical expert to assess your injuries and their effect on your personal life. We try to win you the compensation you deserve.

How can an accident at work be reported?

It is essential to report your work accident to your manager or supervisor and ensure that the details of what happened are correctly recorded in the company accident book. Suppose your employer does not have an accident book, write down on the page what happened and give a copy to your ‘HR’ department. And also, keep a copy for yourself.

If you are injured seriously, your employer must report the incident to the Safety and Health Executive. By registering your accident to your employer or supervisor, you have evidence of what had happened to you. It is helpful to support your accident at Work claim for compensation if you want to make one.

By reporting the accident, you can also help protect others from experiencing anything like you in the future. Employers must act upon the understanding of what caused your accident to improve their health and safety processes and protocols, and if needs be, remove or fix faulty or dangerous material.


How can an accident at work be reported?


What are my employers’ responsibilities?

Your employers legally have a duty of care to provide you with a safe and healthy workplace and protect you from any accident in the workplace. They can do it in a variety of different ways, including:


What are the main causes of the accident at work?

Accidents are not intentional; they can happen at any time, and too many possibilities are there for something to go wrong.

However, you can stay away from many accidents by taking certain protections to make sure that the most likely accidents will not happen.

We have gathered some information about the most common causes of workplace accidents, Includes;

Falls from height

Many employees die because of a trip, slip or fall every year. They can be at risk of falling from height at the workplace if the improvers or companies do not provide proper health and safety equipment, such as harnesses and safety railings.

Certain professions such as scaffolders, window cleaners, construction workers and roofers, etc.,

Employers must abide by job height regulations to ensure that their employees are safe while working at height, including:

Trips, Slips, and falls

It can occur in a complete workplace environment, from office to construction site and everything in between. They are often caused due to:

Employers are required to reduce the risk of trips, slips, and falls in the workplace by:

Manual handling injuries

They’re among the most common types of injury to affect workers, with the ‘HSE’ estimating that over a third of workplace injuries occur due to manual handling. The (MSDs) include damage or injury to the joints or soft tissue in the back and limbs. These can happen as a result of:

Your employer must do the following before allow you to carry out any manual handling:

Stress-related illness

Work-related stress is prevalent, with anxiety and depression leading to over 11 million working days lost each year. Many different factors can cause, including:

Employers must have policies in their company to help to reduce workplace stress among their employees.

Road traffic accidents

For employees who have to spend most of their time on the road driving, including delivery and traveling sales reps, HGV drivers, etc., company car accidents are always possible. Employers can help reduce the rate of work-related road accidents by managing cars, drivers, and journeys.


What are the main causes of the accident at work?


How to Prevent Workplace Accidents?

It’s suitable for employers, employees, and legal professionals to know the various types of accidents that can occur daily. They also need to know how to stop these accidents from happening, though. We have quite a few steps that employees and employers can do, these are including the following:

Provide Proper Education

It is up to employers to provide their elites with proper training when they are tasked with using special equipment or performing specific tasks. They also need to tell the employers about the potential risks of those pieces of equipment and jobs.

Install Proper Lighting

Employers have to ensure their workplaces are well-lit. It can help to stop many accidents, especially slips and trips.

Communicate About Safety Hazards

If you notice potential safety dangers on the job, employees need to communicate with their managers or supervisors and report it. That way, it can get fixed as quickly as possible and reduce the risk of injury and accident.

Conduct Regular Inspections

Employers have to make an effort to survey the workplace regularly. It will also help them address potential hazards right away.

Use Proper Equipment

Employees have to wear proper protective equipment at all times when on the job. It includes things like hard hats and steel-toed boots for construction workers.


How to Prevent Workplace Accidents?


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